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A Knowledge Discovery Application

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  • About

    TellMeFirst is a tool for classifying and enriching textual documents via Linked Open Data.

    TellMeFirst leverages NLP and Semantic Web technologies to extract main topics from texts in the form of DBpedia resources. Input texts are enhanced with new information and contents retrieved from the Web (images, videos, maps, news) concerning those topics.

    The TellMeFirst project started in October 2011 thanks to a Working Capital – Premio Nazionale Innovazione grant from Telecom Italia. It has been developed mostly within the Nexa Center for Internet & Society at the Politecnico di Torino (DAUIN).

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  • How to use TellMeFirst

    After you have submitted a text, TellMeFirst shows a grid containing its main topics. Click on the images to focus on a specific topic. A box appears which has two arrows (right and left), clicking on which you can browse various contents related to the input text (images, metadata, texts, news, maps, videos, whenever they are available).


    TellMeFirst works fine with both informative and specialized texts in any domain. The knowledge base we use is based on the 2014 version of DBpedia. TellMeFirst obviously doesn’t recognize topics that do not have a specific item in Wikipedia. Here some examples to test the system:

    I futuristi fanno il botto - La Repubblica    

    Roberto Benigni - TrovaCinema    

    Calls for decarbonisation - The Guardian    

    Aristotle - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy    

  • Recent News

  • GitHub

    TellMeFirst source code is released under GNU Affero General Public License 3.0.

    Visit TellMeFirst on GitHub .

    TellMeFirst Indexes Builder is based on a fork of the DBpedia Spotlight project.

  • API

    TellMeFirst can be freely used via APIs, following our developer guide:
    TellMeFirst API Guide

    This guide is intended for users and developers who create applications using TellMeFirst APIs.

    To test the TellMeFirst APIs, 500 calls per IP address are available. For more requests, you can ask a free API key at

  • Credits

    Giuseppe Futia

    Giuseppe Futia, research fellow and communication manager at Nexa Center for Internet and Society, is the project manager and main developer of TellMeFirst.

    Federico Cairo

    Federico Cairo, fellow at Nexa Center for Internet and Society, is the project founder and technology advisor of TellMeFirst.

    Federico Benedetto

    Federico Benedetto, currently product manager at the BBC, has worked on the development of TellMeFirst web interface in 2012.

    Dash Elhauge

    Dash Elhauge,, has contributed to TellMeFirst website and other modules of the platform client-side in 2012.